Célia em Movimento

an E-CHANGER volunteer for 7 years, celia worked until june 2007 for the 'gender sector' of the MST/BA - the rural landless workers movement in the northeastern brazilian state of bahia. from then until june 2010 she worked at the international secretariat of the world march of women in são paulo. although she is no longer a volunteer, she still works in brazil with the WMW and E-CHANGER and will therefore continue to share her professional and personal experiences... enjoy!

25 October 2010

the closing event of the WMW's 3rd international action ends with 20,000 women marching in the streets of bukavu, RD Congo, on the 17th october 2010.

see CNN's video / article "congolese rape victims march against sexual violence" for more information (and a short interview with me!): http://edition.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/africa/10/17/congo.rapes.march/?amp%3Bhpt=C1