Célia em Movimento

an E-CHANGER volunteer for 7 years, celia worked until june 2007 for the 'gender sector' of the MST/BA - the rural landless workers movement in the northeastern brazilian state of bahia. from then until june 2010 she worked at the international secretariat of the world march of women in são paulo. although she is no longer a volunteer, she still works in brazil with the WMW and E-CHANGER and will therefore continue to share her professional and personal experiences... enjoy!

28 May 2007

if only the adults would listen...


"All of us will start the day deciding where to go:

To the university, to study our planet or the medicinal plants, computing or arts, náhuatl or English. We will go to our creative work, to our own business, to our well paid jobs, to receive an equal salary for an equal work.

We will go to the market with our purses; we will be able to buy shoes and dresses, books and music. We will listen to the radio or buy newspapers, with the security of finding good news. We will choose to go to the health center or to the traditional doctor, we will enjoy our sexuality and decide with whom, when and how to have or not have offspring. We will have equitable family and sentimental relationships, with respectful partners.

We will organise parties where all the members of our peoples sing and dance until dawn and the next morning, in each house there will be enough food to have breakfast, and our children will go to school showered and dressed with colorful books and wise letters, with their empty notebooks to write their own history.

And when sunset comes, we will go to meetings with other women, to an assembly with the authorities, with the sovereignty that allows us to govern our own bodies, city halls, our countries. We will walk down the streets with no fear, smiling because life is worth living"

(extract from the final declaration of the 'Espaco Feminista e Coletivo Huaxyacac' meeting of Oaxaca, Mexico. 26th April 2007)