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an E-CHANGER volunteer for 7 years, celia worked until june 2007 for the 'gender sector' of the MST/BA - the rural landless workers movement in the northeastern brazilian state of bahia. from then until june 2010 she worked at the international secretariat of the world march of women in são paulo. although she is no longer a volunteer, she still works in brazil with the WMW and E-CHANGER and will therefore continue to share her professional and personal experiences... enjoy!

30 October 2006

tired but happy...

yesterday (29th october) was a big day for us in brazil and, especially, for supporters of leftwing president 'lula' (luiz inácio lula da silva). last night, at 19:30, he was announced overwhelming winner of the second round of the presidential elections, with 60.82% of valid votes (around 58,2 million, compared to the 37, 5 million votes gained by his rival, geraldo alckmin).

a resounding victory.

having already led the country for 4 years, he now has the possibility of amplifying his administration's social welfare programmes and implementing much needed political reforms . will he have the courage? will he be blocked at every turn by congressmen and deputies from other political parties? will the word 'socialism' reappear in official PT (partido dos trabalhadores - the workers party) documents?

here in bahia the commemorations went on into the early hours of morning, at a street party organised by the PT party in the state (to whom the new state governor, jaques wagner -elected in the first round of the elections on the 1st october - belongs). after so much celebrating, it is probable that the 78.15% of bahian women and men who voted for 'lula' are today tired but very happy...

(have a look at how the guardian reported lula's victory at
http://www.guardian.co.uk/brazil/story/0,,1934753,00.html )

(photo from: www.atarde.com.br )

13 October 2006

just to let you know that the latest edition of my newsletter, Em Movimento 15 (September 2006) is ready. if you haven't already received a copy by email, do let me know (celiaalldridge@gmail.com) and i'll send you one.

have a fun weekend,


ps following a request from my favourite forester friend vince, here's a photo of beautiful brazilian nature in all its glory (t
aken from http://www.nature.org/wherewework/southamerica/brazil/)...